The first batch of our new "low" wheel kit for the popular CRF300 L/R has arrived ! But that might instantly beg the question to many riders, why would I want to fit smaller wheels to my bike?

On forums, you would probably find the the 21" / 18" wheelset used by trail bikes is considered a MUST for "adventure riding". But when we consider what "adventure riding" really consists of for most people there is a strong case for both.

To help customers understand why our low wheel sets are a popular addition to many adventure bikes we have covered some of the key reasons people choose to run low wheelsets on and offroad.

PRODUCT RELEASE: (15/4/23 16:00) GMT 

Low speed handling
One of the main advantages of using a 19/17" wheel set on your adventure bike is the improved handling, stability and accessibility it provides on terrain outside of the trail riding environment. Low speed direction changes are easier and require less effort from the rider, whilst the lower COG gives increased confidence especially for smaller or newer riders.

Not everyone rides their CRF on gnarly single trail or dreaming of motocross, some people enjoy dipping their toes into service roads and the unbeaten path without running a full trail bike setup.

Better road manners
Like it or lump it, road riding will be a part of adventure riding for most people, but the CRF is host to a whole spectrum of riders from gnarly single trail to highway commuting.

Using a low wheelset can provide better road manners than a traditional 21/18" setup. Smaller wheels mean less unsprung weight, which can result in a smoother ride. The reduced weight can also improve acceleration, braking, and fuel economy making your CRF even more efficient and better suited to true 50/50 overland travel.

Another advantage is increased traction on gravel and road surfaces. The smaller diameter wheels provide a wider tyre footprint, which can help the tyres maintain grip and transfer weight a little smoother between corners in the twisties whilst making your CRF safer on the road sections when combined with a suitable tyre (see below).

More tyre options
With our low wheel set you access to a wider range of tyre options. Many riders often find it a struggle to appropriately kit out their 21/18 wheels due to the strong off road bias in their design. Moving to the smaller, wider 19/17 option releases a whole new range of options for those travelling on long distance tours and adventures. We love the Kenda Big Block, available in store very soon to UK customers only ( see image below)

Low wheels & Level 1 suspension combined to make an extremely accessible trail bike that still performs in the tough stuff.

Ride Height
Perhaps 15 years ago the adventure bike market had a wide range of trail bikes and travel bikes that were accessible by smaller or newer riders. Over the years seat height has crept up and old models have vanished leaving riders that would have normally used a TTR230, Serow or XR230 have very few options to move to.

When using our Level 1 suspension kits together with the low wheel sets the resulting bike is lower, tighter and agile whilst gaining a huge increase in stability on and offroad. With the changes, the centre of gravity is lower and the bike feels more manageable both on and off for smaller or less confident riders.

These are not for everyone, it's impossible to make something for EVERYONE after all. But they certainly have their place in trail and adventure world, perhaps just not the enduro park.

That being said technical riding is far from "ruined" by any means with these sizes as previously shown with our G310GS making light work of some hard terrain over the years using a similar 19/17" setup (see below)

Photo by Wil Linnsen

Please see product information for full spec and details. 
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Ride Safe
The RRP Team

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