What's Changed? - Website Updates

What's Changed? - Website Updates

Welcome to our new website !

Alongside our usual production, we have been working hard to create our brand new website. It's a HUGE update from our previous site and some great features that are explained below.

We have also implemented some great steps in the workshop to make our parts, processes and production even better. After a fantastic response from customers on our recent collections, our small family lead team has been giving it 110% all year and we love the challenge.

The Hyphen

For years now our emails and urls have had "-" between Rally Raid. This is no longer the case, it was a little confusing as most people called it a "dash". From now our emails and URL's are "rallyraidproducts" in all one word.


We have redesigned our communication channels to be more efficient for our team and help more riders get their questions answered. This years growth has meant a huge influx of emails and calls, to deal with this better customers can now :

  • Use our growing FAQ page available at top of the page.
  • Use our "instant answers" inbox service to track your order, check for pre-written answers to common questions or leave us a message and we will get back to you.
  • Email us directly, please note our emails have also changed, we have split our old inbox into two. Please use the appropriate email inboxes below for your needs. 



As mentioned above, we have made changes to our shipping system. We understand that shipping costs have spiked over the last 2 years and we try our best to make it affordable for the customer. We NEVER profit on shipping, and pass any savings back to the customer directly at the moment.

To try and increase efficiency and reduce prices we are now using a great back-end system that takes your cart and simulates the most efficient way to pack it then talks to the shipping service to make sure you are getting the most efficient rate available.

This software needs orders to learn, whilst its already very well trained there may be some miscalculations in the early stages of our release for customers in remote locations. If this happens, please contact us directly and we can help resolve any over or under quotations.

RRP Numbers

This will probably invoke a range of reactions from customers from "I never noticed" to "about damn time".

Our RRP "Rally Raid Products" number was just used many years ago on a dated system. People were often confused by the "Regular Retail Price" use of the acronym. Instead of using static RRP numbers, products are now referred to via an SKU shown below the title.

If you are are die hard fan and remember your products by their RRP codes, you can still use these in the search bar to find the matching product.

Back Orders and Back in Stock

On initial release, we won't be taking back orders on out of stock products. We expect to turn our back ordering system on one week after release and systems are settled. In the meantime, you can now subscribe to an out of stock product by entering your email below the add to cart button. Once stock arrives, or pre orders begin you will be notified in order of your subscriptions.

Customer Accounts

Customer accounts are now required when ordering, if you do not have an account one will be created for you at checkout. You can access your account at anytime by hitting the account icon in the top right. 

We get loads of people in a muddle with their password, so now customers just need their email address to login via a 4 digit code, no memory required.

From your new account dashboard you can review and re-order items, on top of tracking your delivery details and addresses. With the release of our new setup, users are required to create new accounts


Sometimes a product needs to be returned to us for one reason or another. We have created a more structured system for returns to help customers have any issues resolved in less time, and with more information on the process.

Customers can now highlight they have an issue, by requesting a return via their order overview in the account page ( see above). You can also email us directly on our post sales email : SUPPORT@RALLYRAIDPRODUCTS.CO.UK

Please do not post anything back to us without following our returns process.


When you arrive on our website, it should ask you to confirm your currency. If you want to change currencies you will find the selector in the top right of the page, or the bottom left footer.

Feedback & Disclaimer

We have worked really hard on our new website and back end systems, and can't wait to see the benefits return to both our customers and our team. Like any website release, we are sure to find some bugs or data anomalies in this first phase of our release.

We have a staff member dedicated to monitoring and fixing these over the next few weeks, and ask that customers work with us to resolve any issues quickly. If you find that your shipping is 2 dollars, or your trail spanner needs a mortgage please don't proceed any further and contact us with relevant information to any issue you face.

As mentioned above, we never profit from shipping and will continue to refund any overpayments whilst the system is learning from orders. There will be rare cases when the shipping has calculated well below the correct rate and we understand customers may not be aware of this. We reserve the right to cancel any orders that are outside of an acceptable tolerance of accuracy on shipping and ask customers to be understanding as to why. Customers will be invited to re-order once the issue has been resolved.

If you really like, or dislike something about our new website please feel free to let us know using our inbox service in the bottom right of the screen.

We hope you enjoy the new site, blog and stock!
The RRP Team

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