The Basics : Hydraulic Preload Adjusters

The Basics : Hydraulic Preload Adjusters

Adventure bikes are designed to take you on long, challenging journeys that will test your endurance and skills. When it comes to carrying luggage or passengers, the suspension system of the bike plays a critical role. One of the key components that can help you adjust your bike's suspension for these scenarios is the hydraulic preload adjuster.

Hydraulic preload adjusters allow riders to easily adjust the suspension to accommodate different loads, such as luggage or a passenger. They work by using a hydraulic cylinder to compress the suspension spring, which increases the spring's tension and reduces sag. This makes it easier to maintain proper ride height and adjust the suspension for the weight of the load.

Compared to manually adjusting the preload, hydraulic adjusters are significantly easier to use. With the twist of a dial or knob, you can quickly and easily adjust the suspension to suit your needs. This can be particularly useful when you're on the road and don't have access to tools or a mechanic.

If you're planning on using your adventure bike for camping or carrying luggage, hydraulic preload adjusters can help ensure that your bike is set up properly for the extra weight. This can improve the handling of the bike and make it more comfortable to ride over long distances.

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