At Rally-Raid Products, we believe that a genuine adventure bike ought to flatter the rider, not intimidate them. When the going gets tough, a physically large and heavy motorcycle can quickly become a liability. Power, size and complex cutting-edge electronics have their place, but are rarely a substitute for confidence and control.

With a standard specification that includes a useful 250 mile fuel-range, a compact fairing, plenty of luggage capacity and low maintenance; the twin-cylinder Honda CB500X is already an excellent all-rounder at a very affordable price. At around 190kg dry weight and 800mm seat height the CB500X allows you to tackle hard adventure with confidence.

Since our initial project in 2014, the CB500X range has grown to include a wide range of upgrades for both the 2013-18 and 2019-21 models. Ensuring we retained the key attributes of the bike, our adventure accessories transform this road biased model into a true overland machine capable of world travel both on and off road.
Working closely with Tractive Suspension we have comprehensively re-engineered the front and rear suspension to offer a range of uprated suspension units that include adjustable HI/LO speed damping control, longer travel suspension giving and increase in ground clearance and remote adjustable pre-load options on all shocks.
Together with our unique heavy duty spoked wheel kits, available in tubed or tubeless, we have significantly improved both the performance and durability of the bike whilst our range of associated components and accessories allow you to personalise your CB500X to your adventure needs.

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