We have always had a soft spot for the mid-sized motor, and Triumph's new Scrambler 400X has heaps of character and an alternate take on an overland machine.

A welcome entry into the mid CC category, we have enjoyed riding and modding our own model this spring and summer.

From the moment we rode the bike, it was clear that the new Triumph Scrambler 400X continues the ethos shared with the other models in our catalogue in offering many key attributes from the factory, but at the same time perhaps falling someway short of it’s ultimate potential due to its's perceived [budget/small capacity] position in the market place, and indeed within it’s own manufacturers range.

The Triumph Scrambler 400X offers a solid performance on open roads but falls short on rougher terrains due to its budget suspension, which lacks adjustability except for rear shock preload. This results in a choppy and harsh ride at slower speeds. Notably, the bike presents a front-to-rear suspension travel disparity—150mm listed but approximately 20mm less in the front—leading to a nose-heavy steering feel at lower speeds.

To address these issues and cater to riders of varying heights and off-road needs, we recommend two tailored suspension upgrades: one for enhancing comfort and accessibility for shorter riders, and another for improving all-terrain handling.

Each upgrade option includes a selection of front and rear spring rates to better match the rider’s weight and the load of any luggage or passengers, optimizing the Scrambler 400X for a smoother, more stable ride across different scenarios.

While the Scrambler 400X has been designed to carry a passenger as required, we feel that it’s compact size and modest engine capacity probably makes it more suited for the solo rider, and fortunately the separate and removable pillion seat-pad offers the ideal location for a dedicated luggage rack directly behind the rider, minimising any rear overhang and keep the additional weight of your luggage more central on the bike.

The combination of a narrow subframe and low mounted exhaust silence on the Scrambler 400X means this bike is perfectly suited for a simple ‘rackless’ one-bag system (such as the Giant Loop Coyote) for solo longer distance travelling, however, many riders of ‘Scrambler style motorcycles might well prefer the more traditional throw-over or twin bag style pannier system, so our optional side luggage supports allow for a wide range of soft luggage bags (such as the Kriega OS system, available in a range of sizes) to be quickly secured.

For those who prefer the aesthetic and functional advantages of spoked wheels, Rally Raid Products now offers a robust solution for the Scrambler 400X—17” rear and 19” front Excel tubeless rims, compatible with both the original and a wide range of all-terrain tires. Traditional cast aluminum wheels, while beneficial for their tubeless nature and ease of cleaning, often lack the distinct style that spoked wheels bring to the 'Scrambler' experience.

We have engineered a precise retrofit option for those looking to enhance their Scrambler 400X.

Our custom-designed hubs are machined in-house and equipped with stainless steel spokes that resist corrosion, attached to high-quality Excel tubeless rims. These rims are professionally vulcanized by BARTubeless, ensuring a reliable, fully guaranteed tubeless spoked wheel that directly replaces the OEM cast wheels without any modifications needed for the brake disc, ABS, and drive sprocket components.

Our spoked wheels maintain the original rim dimensions, allowing for the use of standard tires while also accommodating a variety of all-terrain options. For a limited time, alongside our premium gold ‘Excel’ tubeless rims, we are also offering a more budget-friendly option with conventional tube-type black-powder coated rims.

This upgrade not only enhances the visual appeal of your Scrambler but also provides practical benefits for a variety of riding conditions.