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This kit is specially developed for new riders with little experience that are looking for a complete Navigation set-up, including everything that is indispensable to take part in Roadbook navigation races and rallies.

Perfect for Rally Moto events in the UK, or Clubman class events abroad.

Our HOBBY navigation bundle contains:

1 x RB850 - Electric Roadbook holder for industry standard A5 width paper rolls with thickness capacity of 55mm diameter (approx 500 instructions).

1 x ICO Rallye MAX-G, adjustable odometer/trip-computer which uses GPS technology for increased accuracy, and can also display CAP (compass heading) and speed as desired.

1 x H3D Twin ICO mounting plate for the above, features an empty second location which allows the fitting of a second ICO-2 or MAX-G to be used as a second/backup odometer or CAP repeater as required.

1 x RMS Universal Navigation Clamps. Designed to quickly and securely attach the Rally plate and navigation equipment directly to 1-1/8" (28.6mm) diameter handlebars.

1 x F2R Rallye Power Box -  this distribution box simplifies the installation of the bundled electronics, and any additional items such as a GPS unit - allowing supply to all the navigation equipment through a single connection to the motorcycle battery. Includes a fused connector.

1 x Remote thumb switch for RB850 Rally.

1 x 12mm clamps set.

Note. In addition to the equipment included, ultimately should you wish to take part in more demanding Rally events, we would also recommend fitting either a second ICO Rallye Max-G (GPS) or wheel-sensor driven Rallye Max-2 to be used as a back-up or alternative display. We also offer a range of alternative remote control units and mounting brackets for secondary/additional navigation equipment.

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