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This set is specially developed for riders that are looking for a new challenge, the roadbook navigation, allowing an easy and intuitive first contact with this activity.

The ENTRY navigation Bundle is composed by:

  • RB850 Rally – Electric Roadbook with paper rolls thickness capacity untill 55mm;
  • RB744 – GPS/Smartphone mounting Bracket, fixes roadbook and it may fix the odometer or GPS too;
  • H3D003 – ORBIS universal roadbook mount, with central fixation in any 22, 28 or 32mm handlebar;
  • RB723 – Concentrates power and remote roadbook holder cables connections;
  • RB752 – Remote switch to control roadbook holder.

(Mobile phone not included)

Perfect entry Level  for Rally Moto events, using an Android Mobile Phone rather than an ICO. 

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