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Our own design of laser-cut steel spanner with 27mm hex to fit rear wheel nut and 15mm hex plug to fit the special recessed front wheel spindle.

Zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Also, there is a 6.4mm spoke key adjuster in one end to keep spokes on our Adventure spoked wheels at the correct tension.

Very useful for removing wheels correctly, as there is no 15mm hex plug to withdraw the front wheel spindle in the OEM tool kit.

Note: These are designed as 'on the trail' hand tools, so before attempting to remove axle nuts the first time, we suggest you use a socket or longer spanner in the workshop to undo the nuts initially, then re-tighten them with our hand spanners, that way you'll know you're able to undo them again on the road or trail.

We have found on many occasions that the bikes are delivered with axle nuts over-torqued from the manufacturer/dealer workshop and are then very difficult to undo with only the hand tools.

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