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CB500X ENGINE GUARD (2013-18)

CB500X ENGINE GUARD (2013-18)

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Our unique engine guard design consists of a welded steel tubular cradle that mounts directly to the frame, utilising the centre stand bracket at the rear, and the forward engine mounting brackets - effectively isolating the engine itself from any impact, unlike a traditional skid-plate or other guards which are typically bolted directly to the cast engine cases. This means that any impact is now absorbed through the cradle and frame, rather than transferred to the engine.

The tubular cradle design also features an integral welded 2mm steel skid plate, together with a removable stainless steel front shield to protect the otherwise exposed oil filter, which can be vulnerable to stone damage thrown up from the front wheel.

Also included is a stainless steel heat-shield for the catalytic converter and lambda sensor.

Our all-in-one engine guard design also incorporates tubular side bars to offer protection to the engine side cases in the event of a drop or fall.

The welded assembly is powder-coated satin black and the stainless steel covers are brushed finished.

Note. Due to the way the cradle is mounted, unfortunately it is not possible for a centre stand to be fitted/retained with our Engine Guard.

Note. Changes to the OEM Exhaust specification over the years means there are two versions of the Engine Guard: one for 2013-2016 models, and one for the 2017-2018 models - please select from the menu above.


CB500X Engine Guard Fitting Instructions (downloadable PDF)

FITTING VIDEO  (Rally Raid customer Juan Browne demonstrates)

OIL CHANGE VIDEO  (Rally Raid customer Juan Browne demonstrates)

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