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For CRF300L & Rally models only - does not fit the CRF 250L/RALLY.

Our own design of a shorter, steel fabricated side-stand (to replace the OEM stand) for those CRF300L/Rally owners with our shorter-travel (210mm) LEVEL 1 suspension, and/or our Lower 'Adventure' Wheel Kit.

This version is 20mm shorter than stock, while retaining the same shape footplate as OEM, and fits in just the same way using original pivot bolt, together with the existing side-stand switch and cover. This 'short' version allows for the bike to lean over more safely once lower suspension and/or a lowering link has been fitted - which is particularly important on uneven ground or when loaded with luggage, where it could otherwise tip over in the opposite direction with the longer OEM stand.

NOTE: When used with Kouba 45mm (1-3/4") lowering link and the OEM shock, unless the preload on the shock spring is set to MAXIMUM, then the bike may still be too vertical, due to the OEM shock having excessive static, and rider sag,but it will work correctly with our Level 1 shock and fork kit.

Powder-coated black, we also use much stronger 25mm diameter steel tubing when fabricating the stand (rather than the OEM 22mm tubing) resulting in a stand which is more resistant to bending when climbing on and off the motorcycle. Indeed, another advantage for shorter riders particularly is that once the bike leans over further with the new stand, then it is much easier to swing your leg over the saddle to mount or dismount the bike. Our side-stand kit comes complete with a new single coil side-stand spring which is 50% stronger than OEM to replace the weaker stock spring, and a heavy-duty spring-puller tool is also included.

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