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The Coyote is the original one-piece horseshoe shaped saddlebag which launched Giant Loop back in 2008, and continues to evolve as the flagship model in their range with regard to features, durability, quality and convenience - specifically for those riders who like to travel light, travel fast and travel far...

Offering 39 litres of packable volume in a convenient quick-release roll-top design, the Coyote's one-piece horseshoe design allows it to fit snugly over the rear of the bike without the need for any additional racks or support.

Securely fastened using a simple three-strap system, it is designed to stay in place and not encumber the rider when traversing rough terrain day-in and day-out - offering plenty of room to move around on the saddle while keeping your luggage load neatly out of harms way, together with ample clearance for your legs in the event your feet should come off the pegs.

The tough and durable exterior is highly weather resistant, and further enhanced with the included set of three roll-top RF-welded waterproof inner-liner Dry Pod bags which feature purge valves to expel any unwanted air volume, and offer 100% waterproofing for your personal items.

Other features include sewn-on moulded rubber badges, and reflective seam accents for increased visibility at night and in poor weather. Ergonomic Giant Loop branded grab-handles also double as side compression straps, and the roll-top design also incorporates a unique beavertail flap over the top to quickly secure clothing, camping equipment or additional luggage bags as required.

Together with the trio of compression inner dry-sacks, the Coyote saddlebag system also comes with a Hot Springs heat-shield which can be attached to the silencer of any motorcycle (typically those with a high-level exhaust) where your luggage may otherwise be vulnerable to damage from a hot exhaust. 

Total weight (including heat shield and dry pods) is just 4.5lbs

Volume up to 39 litres (adjustable roll top design)

Available in Black or Grey.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The #1 choice for hardcore overland adventures!

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