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The MoJavi Saddlebag system was designed specifically for more minimalist riders who don't want to ride with a backpack, rather carry their essentials for a day-trip or trail ride over the back of their saddle/rear fender.

The MoJavi features a horseshoe shape base which quickly and securely mounts to the rear of the bike using just three straps, and incorporates a waterproof 6 litre zip-top pocket on each side for trail essentials such as tools, puncture repair, fluids, and additional clothing and food and any other save-a-ride necessities.

The low-profile design makes mounting and dismounting very easy, and neither does it hinder the more aggressive off-road rider wishing to moving back and forth on the saddle.

Should additional luggage capacity be required, the Molle loops in the centre portion allow a range of other luggage bags to be quickly attached - such as those we stock from the Giant Loop range including the Klamath Tail Pack, Possibles Pouch and Rogue Dry-Bag.

The MoJavi saddlebags also come complete with a Hot Springs heat-shield, to help protect your luggage on those bikes fitted with a high-level exhaust.

Available in Black only.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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