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Scotts Rubber Sub Mount Kit KTM EXC-F/XcW, Gas Gas EC/MC/EX & Husky FE/TE 2020-on-RRP 556

Scotts Rubber Sub Mount Kit KTM EXC-F/XcW, Gas Gas EC/MC/EX & Husky FE/TE 2020-on-RRP 556

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The Mount-Kit-Only includes everything except the Scotts stabilizer (RRP 031). This kit is designed to be used with the stock triple clamp and oversize handlebars. The Rubber SUB mount shown here in black, bolts to the stock triple clamp and converts your solid mounted triple clamp into a vibration-absorbing rubber mounted handlebar, while incorporating the SUB mounted stabilizer to slip in under the bars. MED and SOFT compound bushings are provided to suite rider preference. The SUB mount locates the bars between the #2 and #3 positions. Step by step pictured instructions are included along with all the necessary hardware.

"SUB" mount stands for Stabilizer Under Bars, originally designed for raising the bars. These kits are designed for use with Oversize bars. "Bar reducers" are available as an option, to convert the kit to standard diameter bars, should that be desired. This concept allows more room for other equipment such as, Global Positioning Systems(GPS) or Enduro/Rally computers and yet still retain the quick access for adjusting the stabilizer. This is also good for the taller rider who wants his bars a little higher, as it raises the bar location approximately 11-25mm, depending on the model of bike. In some cases, you might consider a lower bend handlebar bend at the same time, unless you are trying to achieve a higher bar height along with your stabilizer installation. The SUB mounts are only available on certain models based on the physical limitations of mounting in this area. Each SUB mount comes complete with all necessary parts, hardware and "Step by Step" pictured instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us. The Photo attached here may be a generic photo to show you the basic components in the kit, but may not be showing the exact kit for your specific bike.




2020/21/22 KTM 350/450/500 Exc-F & Exc-F 6 Days

2020/21/22 KTM 350/450/500 XcF-W

2020/21/22 KTM 250/300 Xcw TPI & TPI 6 Days

2020/21/22 Husky FE350/450 & 350S

2020/21/22 Husky FE501 & 501S

2020/21/22 Husky TE250/300i & 300i Rock Star

2021/22 Gas-Gas EC300 TPI

2021/22 Gas-Gas EX250/350/450F

2021/22 Gas-Gas EX250/300 TPI

2021/22 Gas-Gas MC125/250

2021/22 Gas-Gas MC250/350/450F


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