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HYDRAULIC PRELOAD ADJUSTER (for 2019-on CB500X LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2 rear shocks).

Our dedicated Hydraulic Preload Adjuster is designed for riders that want quick, easy adjustment of spring preload. It allows the shock preload to be adjusted over a range of +/-10mm with the simple turning of a knob. Approximately 20 turns will achieve the full movement of the preload piston travel, and the knob has a 'click' every half-turn to aid setting.

Quick tool-less preload adjustment is much preferred by those riders who wish to alter the preload/rear sag setting on a regular basis - typically when carrying extra luggage or a passenger, or when going from street to off-road travelling.

Because the CB500X has very limited access to the rear shock body, our dedicated Hydraulic Preload Adjuster (HPA) features a Remote adjuster handle mounted on a dedicated bracket (conveniently located near the rider's left knee), for quick adjustments as required.


Note. The product is the retrofit option for existing owners of either our LEVEL1 or LEVEL 2 CB500X rear shocks. If you are also purchasing a shock at this time, simply use the drop-down menu on that page to specify the optional HPA which we will assemble on the shock body together with your choice of spring rate prior to dispatch.

Note. This product is for our LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 shocks ONLY - this will not work with the OEM shock or other makes of aftermarket shocks.

Note. A spring compressor is needed to fit this HPA to our TracTive shocks.



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