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CB500X LEVEL 1 FORK UPGRADE ( 2022 + )

CB500X LEVEL 1 FORK UPGRADE ( 2022 + )


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LEVEL 1 (standard travel) FORK KIT (suitable for Honda CB500X 2022-on)

When Honda introduced their own twin disc, and upside-down Showa SFF-BP front end on the CB500X in 2022, they also took the opportunity to increase the fork tube diameter substantially, and add an extra front disc, to increase braking performance. However, while this certainly improved the overall specification with regard to more general all-road and all-terrain ability, we continued to feel that the basic non adjustable suspension could still be improved in a similar fashion that which we had pioneered with the 2013-18 & 2019-21 models- to produce a truly capable and refined all-terrain adventure bike.


Kit includes a pair of billet aluminium fork caps (right hand leg with Preload adjuster) together with a single [longer] linear-wound TracTive spring for the right leg.


Spring available in 2 rates: 7.2 N/mm (standard) and 7.6 N/mm (stiffer/ heavy-duty). 


This kit comes complete with our own fitting tools: 16mm spanner, spring retainer, and pin spanner to tighten new preload caps.


Designed to work in conjunction with our TracTive LEVEL 1 Rear Shock (available separately)- but can also be fitted independently as desired.


For the full specification of the LEVEL 1 front suspension components and other items included in the kit, please see the TECHNICAL SPEC section.


Replacement linear-wound main spring in right leg available in 2 rates: 7.2N/mm (standard) and 7.6N/mm (stiffer). Our longer, liner-wound TracTive spring replaces the OEM progressive spring.


Billet fork caps with air bleed screws (which can be fitted with aftermarket M4x0.5 thread size quick-bleeders if desired - see photo), and a selection of plastic preload washers for the right hand (preload adjustable) cap - to set static sag correctly when first fitting kit.


The right hand fork cap offers up to +12mm further spring preload adjustment to the main fork spring easily - ideal for changes to load such as extra luggage or a passenger.


This kit comes complete with our own fitting tools: 16mm spanner, spring retainer, and pin spanner to tighten new preload caps.



All Rally Raid Products / TracTive rear shocks are fully serviceable/rebuildable and come with a 2-year Manufacturer warranty. 


Spring available in 2 rates: 7.2N/mm (standard) and 7.6N/mm (stiffer).


note. in the case of rider & luggage over 110kg, please select the 7.6N/mm spring.


Convert lbs to KG here



This kit only contains a single fork spring (for the right leg), as the 2022 CB500X fork design separates one of the springs into the right leg, and the damping cartridge assembly in the other (left) leg, with another spring which cannot be easily removed.


note. Our LEVEL 1 Fork Kit is designed to be a straightforward DIY fit, but does require some basic knowledge of fork disassembly and suspension work. If you do not feel able/or have the facilities to do this at home, we recommend you contact a suspension specialist to perform the work for you.