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LEVEL 2 (+20mm) longer-travel Front & Rear Suspension KIT (suitable for Honda CB500X 2022-on)

When Honda introduced the new upgrades to the 2022 CB500X, incorporating the Showa 41mm SFF-BP forks, for increased rigidity to cope with the new twin disc front wheel,it was a major improvement on the earlier single disc, conventional fork models. However, while this certainly improved the overall specification with regard to more general all-road and all-terrain ability, we continued to feel that the limited ground clearance and basic non adjustable suspension could still be improved in a similar fashion that which we had pioneered with the 2013-18 & 2019-21 models - to produce a truly capable and refined all-terrain adventure bike.


Manufactured exclusively for Rally Raid Products by TracTive in the Netherlands, our LEVEL 2 rear shock offers a +20mm increase in travel over standard, and features a remote reservoir with individual adjusters for both High and Low speed Compression damping, together with a separate adjuster for Rebound at the base of the shock.

The LEVEL 2 rear shock can also be fitted with our optional Hydraulic Preload Adjuster, which features a Remote handle (conveniently located near the riders left knee) for quick and tool-less adjustment of the spring preload to dial-in your sag correctly for the conditions - be that between on-road and off-road use, or when carrying luggage or a passenger for example.


To complement this high-performance longer travel rear shock, our LEVEL 2 Fork Kit offers a +20mm increase in travel to match the rear (now 170mm at both ends). This comprehensive kit completely replaces the OEM internal fork components in the right leg, and uses a new top-out and adjustable preload assembly, together with our own dedicated linear-wound spring, in a choice of two rates - standard and heavy-duty. The left leg, containing the OEM damping cartridge and spring, is retained, but with a matching cnc machined alloy fork cap.

Designed to give increased performance under arduous conditions, the comprehensive LEVEL 2 suspension kit dramatic improves the all-terrain ability of the CB500X, with increased travel, high performance spring and adjustable damping, and an appreciable increase in ground clearance. Should you decide to pair this suspension with our own heavy-duty 17/19" spoked wheel kit and our recommended cradle style engine guard, you now have a compact and genuinely capable cross-continental all-terrain 'adventure' bike which has been proven all around the world.


For the full specification of the LEVEL 2 front & rear suspension components and other items included in the kit, please see the TECHNICAL SPEC section.


The CB500X LEVEL 2 suspension Kit ( 2022 + models) includes the following components:


Shock: xxxxxxxxxx


Rear shock linkage: To accommodate our longer travel LEVEL 2 shock, the rear linkage also needed to be re-designed, and our replacement parts include our own heavy-duty billet aluminium linkage knuckle and revised geometry dog-bone links - so that the overall leverage ratio was retained, and provides the desired progressive action throughout the extended travel.


Fork Kit: Complete internal replacement of the OEM components in right leg offer an increase in +20mm travel (over standard/our LEVEL 1 option), to match the increase in ride-height that the longer LEVEL 2 shock provides. The adjustable preload feature in the right fork cap offers up to 10mm of adjustment in spring preload, to achieve optimum static & rider sag.



Heavy Duty (longer) replacement side-stand: Due to the bike now standing +20mm taller than before, it is essential to replace the standard length side-stand with a correspondingly longer version - and we took this opportunity to manufacture using thicker-wall tubing for additional strength.



Note. while the 2022-on model OEM specification now includes a taller riser and tapered (28.6mm clamping area) handlebars, if you plan to ride off-road regularly and/or are looking for more space in the cockpit, we suggest you consider upgrading the standard steel handlebars with our recommended Renthal 'RC HIGH' bend aluminium Fat-Bars (#609) as their sweep and rise allows plenty of clearance against the fuel tank on full steering lock, together with the maximum increase in bar height without the need to modify the stock length cables and switchgear wiring.



Additional Info. OPTIONAL HYDRAULIC PRELOAD ADJUSTER (for CB500X LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2 rear shocks).


Our Hydraulic Preload Adjuster is designed for riders that want quick, easy adjustment of spring preload. It allows the preload to be adjusted over a range of +/-10mm with the simple turning of a knob. Approximately 20 turns will achieve the full movement of the preload piston travel, and the knob has a 'click' every half-turn to aid setting.

Quick tool-less preload adjustment is much preferred by those riders who wish to alter the preload/rear sag setting on a regular basis - typically when carrying extra luggage or a passenger, or when going from street to off-road travelling.

Supplied ready assembled on your shock together with the correct length/rate spring selected at the point of purchase.


All Rally Raid Products / TracTive rear shocks are fully serviceable/rebuildable and come with a 2-year Manufacturer warranty. 


CB500X LEVEL 2 Spring Rates:

The LEVEL 2 suspension Kit comes with a choice of 2 fork spring rates and 4 shock spring rates to more closely match your weight and riding style - selected using the menu above.


Fork Spring: 7.2 N/mm (standard) or 7.6N/mm (heavy duty/ heavily loaded)


Shock spring: 100 N/mm (soft), 110 N/mm (standard/comfort), 120 N/mm (stiffer)

Convert lbs to KG here


Rider weight (inc clothing and light luggage 15Kg) = Total up to 85Kgs 100 N/mm (Softer Spring)
Rider weight (inc clothing and light luggage 15Kg) = Total 85-105Kgs110 N/mm (Standard Spring) 
Rider weight (inc clothing and light luggage 15Kg) = Total 105-120Kgs 120 N/mm (Stiffer Spring)

Note. Note due to the fact the LEVEL 2 suspension increases the overall height of the bike by 20mm, it is no longer possible to use a centre-stand once this suspension has been installed. Not only would it not be tall enough, but were the legs of the centre-stand to be extended for example, they would then foul with the side-stand in the stowed position.


Note: Our LEVEL 2 CB500X suspension Kit is designed to be a straightforward DIY fit, but does require some basic knowledge of fork disassembly and suspension work. If you do not feel able/or have the facilities to do this at home, we recommend you contact a suspension specialist to perform the work for you.


CB500X LEVEL 2 (2019-21) Shock Fitting Instructions (downloadable PDF) 

CB500X Shock Preload & Sag Setting Instructions (downloadable PDF)