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Our Extreme Fork Kit features a high-performance Closed-Cartridge system, and  was developed specifically to offer those Tenere 700 World Raid owners who may wish to ride more aggressively and/or in extreme off-road terrain, a comprehensive upgrade which addresses all the shortcomings of the OEM fork components.


Offering a significant improvement in both off-road/all-terrain and on-road performance, this performance-orientated fork upgrade kit features heavy duty springs together with individual Compression and Rebound damping cartridges, and has been specifically tuned to suit those riders who enjoy tacking more challenging all-terrain riding conditions.


The comprehensive kit complete replaces the OEM internal components, while retaining the original 225mm travel length and corresponding seat height.


Our unique Closed Cartridge upgrade was designed and developed in conjunction with TracTive Suspension in the Netherlands, and offers a significant improvement in all-round performance compared to the OEM components. 


T7 EXTREME  Fork Kit specifications


Compared to the OEM and our Adventure Open Cartridge damping system, a Closed Cartridge features a dedicated oil & nitrogen charged damper unit enclosed in it's own housing - designed to provide constant and temperature-independent absorption, preventing foaming and cavitation, to achieve consistent damping during more extreme and prolonged riding conditions.


In addition, in this application the Compression and Rebound damping circuits are completely separated (in a dedicated cartridge, one in each leg) so that the respective valving can be tuned specifically to each action - allowing maximum control over both the Compression and Rebound damping of the front forks.


 features include:


• Fully adjustable for fork spring preload, compression and rebound damping control.
• Our replacement fork caps feature up to 11mm of spring preload adjustment, together with individual adjusters at the top of the forks for both Compression and Rebound damping control.

• 35mm piston for improved oil flow, damping performance, feel and response.
• Supplied with linear fork springs in a choice of rates to match the rider weight.

• PDS check-valve circuit to enhance the damping progression towards the final portion of the stoke.

• Hard anodised CNC machined aluminium (external) and stainless steel (internal) component construction for durability.


Utilising a big-bore 35mm diameter piston and cartridge (rather than the OEM 20mm diameter), this allows for much larger diameter shims, giving 270% more surface area, and a much more progressive and controlled feeling due to increased oil flow. 


Dedicated Compression and Rebound cartridges (one in each leg) allows for more effective and precise suspension adjustment, and results in a more sensitive and controlled fork action overall.

Supplied with a pair of linear-wound springs in a choice of three different rates, coupled with CNC machined plastic Spring Guides (incorporating our own PDS/check-valve design) and our high-strength hard-anodised aluminium 35mm cartridge/piston tubes. Complete with our own design billet aluminium adjustable preload fork caps.


Our Closed Cartridge Fork Kit comes ready to fit* with pre-filled and gas-charged cartridges, and includes the dedicated tools for fitting the fork caps and adjusting the damping and spring preload. 
*Please see our fitting instructions for the list of tools required to install our T7 Fork Cartridge Kits.


Note. our Closed Cartridge kits also require 100ml of 15w SAE oil to be added to each leg for general lubrication.


T7 WR EXTREME Fork Kit spring rate options

Our linear-wound heavy-duty high performance T7 springs are available in a choice of 3 rates (based on rider weight) - selected from the menu above.


Up to 75Kg rider - 5.6 N/mm

75-95Kg rider - 6.0 N/mm

above 95Kg rider - 6.4 N/mm


Note. Our Closed Cartridge kits do require 100ml of 15w SAE oil to be added to each leg for general lubrication.


Note. The kit does not include replacement Fork Seals - our recommended SKF upgrade seals are available separately if required.


Note. Our T7 EXTREME Fork Kit is designed to be a straightforward DIY fit, but does require some basic knowledge of fork disassembly and suspension work. If you do not feel able/or have the facilities to do this at home, we recommend you contact a suspension specialist to perform the work for you.


Special Note. If you do not have access to a battery impact driver (or air gun), to remove the compression adjuster in the bottom of the fork leg, then we recommend purchasing our dedicated Fork Cartridge Tool to simplify the initial removal of the OEM fork cartridge.

T7 Closed-Cartridge Fork Kit Fitting Instructions (downloadable PDF)