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LEVEL 1 Fork Kit (210mm travel) - suitable for both CRF250L & Rally models.


Special Note: CRF250L model owners wishing to lower their bike by -40mm front and rear, please see note in the IMPORTANT INFORMATION section.

Our LEVEL 1 fork kit offers exactly the same adjustability and big-bore cartridge performance characteristics as our standard (250mm travel) LEVEL 2 fork kit, but in a reduced travel length of 210mm (8 inches) - for those riders who would prefer a lower seat-height overall. 


For riders who are comfortable with the typical seat height once they are sat on the bike with the standard [overly soft] OEM suspension, or equally for riders who may be starting out with a shorter inseam to begin with, the LEVEL 1 suspension essentially lowers the seat height by -40mm compared to our full-travel LEVEL 2 option.


Once the bike is sprung for your weight with the correct sag characteristics, when you're seated onboard the seat height remains similar to that which you had with softer OEM suspension, but with more supportive springing and far better damping for the remainder of the travel - together with making the bike far easier to mount and dismount than previously since the static seat height is now 40mm lower than before. 


When the LEVEL 1 fork kit is fitted in conjunction with our LEVEL 1 rear shock, this significantly lowers the static height of the bike overall, whilst maintaining the high-quality spring and damping characteristics of our full-travel LEVEL 2 (250mm) suspension, but for those who would prefer a lower seat-height overall.


Our unique big-bore fork cartridge kit features a 35mm diameter body and piston (approximately 300% more surface area than the OEM piston) which offers a dramatic increase in oil flow for far more precise damping control under a wide range of conditions.


A single proportional adjuster (at a fixed ratio of 80% Compression and 20% Rebound) means the damping can be quickly adjusted to your preference using a 4mm allen key (with 18 clicks of adjustment) at the top of the left hand fork. Our big-bore cartridge also features a PDS check-valve circuit for improved damping control and cushioning towards the end the stroke.

Both billet aluminium machined fork caps incorporate external adjusters for spring preload (+/- 10mm), together with low-profile M4 pressure-relief bleed screws, which can always be upgraded with aftermarket quick-release bleeder valves (M4) if desired. 


The Rally-Raid Products CRF Fork kit completely replaces the OEM internal components of the original forks - and utilises a pair of linear-wound springs (one in each leg, rather than just a single spring in the right hand side), together with our adjustable big-bore damping cartridge which replaces the original components in the left hand leg.  The right hand leg now also features a matching preload adjuster, and a pair of billet aluminium fork caps complete the installation.

Our CRF fork springs are available in three suggested rates, depending on your rider & luggage weight (weigh yourself with all your riding gear on):


SOFT: 3.6N/mm - up to 75Kg (‘comfort’ spring for lighter riders and/or modest speed trail riding conditions)


MEDIUM: 3.9N/mm - up to 95Kg (supplied as standard)


HARD: 4.2N/mm - over 95Kg (for heavily laden machines and/or more aggressive off-road riding)




Note. This fork kit is a direct replacement for both the CRF250L & Rally, although the earlier 250L models do require an extra fork preload bush (supplied in our kit).


A 43mm Fork Seal Driver tool will be required to replace the fork seals when fitting our kit - so if you do not have one already, then please consider purchasing our own design (link below), which is specifically shaped to work with both the OEM and our recommended upgraded SKF double-lipped seals.


While you have the forks apart, we also suggest changing the hard-plastic OEM fork seals with much softer and higher quality SKF Dual Compound fork seals, which give a much smoother action and longer life (available to order separately RRP 769).


Fitting our CRF fork kit is designed to be straightforward, but does require some basic knowledge of fork disassembly and suspension work. If you do not feel able/or have the facilities to do this at home, we recommend you contact a suspension specialist to perform the work for you.


SPECIAL NOTE for CRF250L owners: the LEVEL 1 fork kit lowers the front of the bike by -40mm, however, you will aso need to fit a Kouba Link (in conjunction with our LEVEL 1 shock) if you wish to lower the rear/overall seat height by the same amount.


CRF250 Fork Kit Fitting Instructions (downloadable PDF)