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Genuine Renthal Aluminium Fat-Bar (MODEL# 822-01-BK) with a 28.6mm (1-1/8") clamping diameter to suit our Billet Fat-Bar Riser conversion for both the Honda CRF250L/RALLY and CRF300L/RALLY models.

These have a rise of 53mm and a sweep of 41mm and are the bars we would recommend in combination with our CRF Fat-Bar Risers - opening up the cockpit and offering a more relaxed stance when riding, while the modest height increase also improves the ergonomics when standing on the pegs.

Being manufactured from 4mm thick-wall aluminium, these are much more resilient to damage than the OEM steel bars, and our personal recommendation together with our Fat-Bar Risers.

In conjunction with the BarkBuster aluminium back-bone hand-guards (with either Storm or VPS shield protectors fitted), they offer a strong and ergonomically comfortable cockpit.

Supplied in Black.


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