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Rally Master SG by Tech for rally:
This is a brand new tripmaster built mainly for rallying or adventure bike using. This unit can calculate the trip from the wheel sensor or the external gnss receiver. The gnss receiver also provide functions as a CAP heading or the satellite precise speed.

Included in the package:

  • Rally Master SG unit,
  • GNSS receiver, (compatible with H3D002 cover)
  • wheel sensor cable (wheel magnet & mount NOT INCLUDED)
  • power cable, (also compatible with PB001)
  • antivibration installing set,
  • dust caps,
  • EN manual; PDF Manual


EITHER NA-012 or NA-005

Durable design - the shell of this unit is made from an aluminium and anodized in ocean blue. The most exposed walls are strengthened so that the unit cannot be damaged
by hitting from the stones e.g. All unit is dust and water proof.

The display - the unit uses segment display with large main four digits for showing the data, but also includes one 5th smaller digit for showing the trip with 100.00 resolution. Help icons are for clear detection what source is your trip based on, or what mode are seeing. This display is developed for using and reading under the direct sunlight, but also contains yellow LED backlight for using in the
dark stages.

Built-in buttons - you can control this unit from its both sides (left or right), because contains 3- buttons on each side (same layout as on aftermarket remote buttons). This feature is helpful when you use your tripmaster too close to each other. For easy switching between the modes, there is one dedicated center button for one finger control. The up and down buttons are for setting the trip and
many other functions.

Cable compatibility - you can find 4 cables on the back side for connecting the power, remote buttons, gnss receiver and wheel sensor. All cables have durable insulation and M8 connectors and are compatible for using aftermarket remote buttons, wheel sensors, or powering devices.

GNSS - external receiver GNSS is professional grade receiver with one meter-level accuracy and supports concurrent reception of four GNSS systems. The high number of visible satellites enables the receiver to select best signals. This maximizes the position accuracy, in particular under challenging conditions such as in rally stages. The possibility to mount the receiver on the top of the rally tower or the roof maximizes the signal receiving strength. The cable length is 0.5m. If you need longer cable, you can use M8 4pin cable extension.

Modes - there is a fully customizable race menu that you can set according your race needs. All possible modes:
- trip1
- trip timer 1
- trip2
- trip rtimer2
- Speed/MaxSpeed
- Odometer
- Clock
- timer1
- timer2
- fuel
In the setup menu, you can set your trip source (wheel, gnss, automatic), trip resolution (0.0 or 0.00),
turn ON/OFF features, set the wheel circumference, reset, and many other.

Dimensions: W/H/D: 90 x 52 x 23 mm, 235g weight

Included in the package:

  • Rally Master SG unit,
  • GNSS receiver, (compatible with H3D002 cover)
  • wheel sensor (wheel magnet & mount NOT INCLUDED)
  • power cable, (also compatible with PB001)
  • antivibration installing set,
  • dust caps,
  • EN manual;  PDF Manual

Designed with durability in mind, the Rally Master SG boasts a robust shell made from anodized jet black aluminum. Reinforced walls protect the unit from potential damage caused by stones or other hazards, while its dust and water-proof construction ensures reliable performance in any environment.

Featuring a user-friendly display, the unit utilizes a segment display with large main four digits to prominently showcase essential data. Additionally, a fifth smaller digit provides precise trip measurement with a resolution of 100.00. Clear icons assist in identifying the trip source or mode, and the display is optimized for use under direct sunlight. For nighttime adventures, a yellow LED backlight ensures visibility in dark stages.

With built-in buttons on both sides of the unit, you can easily control the Rally Master SG, regardless of its placement. The three-button layout on each side mirrors aftermarket remote buttons, enabling convenient operation even when multiple tripmasters are in close proximity. Switching between modes is effortless, thanks to the dedicated center button designed for one-finger control, while the up and down buttons allow for trip adjustments and other functions.

When it comes to cable compatibility, the Rally Master SG has you covered. The unit features four M8 connectors on the backside, allowing seamless connection of power, remote buttons, the GNSS receiver, and the wheel sensor. These cables boast durable insulation and are compatible with aftermarket remote buttons, wheel sensors, and other power devices.

The Rally Master SG’s GNSS receiver sets new standards with its professional-grade accuracy, boasting one meter-level precision and the ability to receive signals from four concurrent GNSS systems. This high number of visible satellites ensures optimal position accuracy, even in challenging rally stage conditions. Mount the receiver on the rally tower or the roof for maximum signal strength. The included cable measures 0.5m, and if you require a longer cable, an M8 4-pin cable extension can be used. The receiver is also compatible with the H3D002 GPS antenna cover.

Customizability is key, and the Rally Master SG delivers with its customizable race menu. Tailor the menu to suit your specific race requirements, choosing from a range of modes, including trip1, trip timer 1, trip2, trip timer 2, CAP, Speed/MaxSpeed, Odometer, Clock, timer1, timer2, and fuel. The setup menu offers further options such as selecting the trip source (wheel, GNSS, or automatic), trip resolution (0.0 or 0.00), turning features on or off, setting the wheel circumference, and resetting functions, among others.

The Rally Master SG boasts dimensions of 90mm (width) x 52mm (height) x 23mm (depth) and weighs a mere 235g. Its lightweight design ensures easy integration into your setup without compromising performance.

Upgrade your rallying experience with the Rally Master SG by Tech for Rally. Embrace precision, durability, and customizable features to conquer any adventure or rally stage.

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