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This high quality TWIN PISTON PDS rear shock, has been designed specifically to increase all-round performance and adjustability for those riders looking to enhance the all-road and off-road ability of their YAMAHA Tenere 700, when typically used in an all-terrain 'adventure' touring role.


Manufactured exclusively for Rally Raid Products by TracTive Suspension in the Netherlands, we designed our ADVENTURE shock to address all the shortcomings of the OEM standard suspension, while retaining the same overall travel (200mm) and seat-height of the standard specification.


The piggy-back reservoir design features individual adjustment of the High and Low speed Compression damping together with a separate Rebound adjuster easily accessed at the base of the shock body.


The ADVENTURE shock is available with a wide range of spring rates to more closely match your rider weight and intended load and riding style requirements, and includes our own Hydraulic Preload Adjuster to give a further +/- 10mm range to quickly allow you to set your initial [rider] sag, and to then compensate for any addition luggage or passenger loads.


T7 ADVENTURE Shock specification in more detail


The all-aluminium shock body for the Tenere 700 uses our own CAD designed top cap profile to give the necessary clearance between the air-box and frame, and at the same time allows easy access to the MX-style High & Low speed compression adjusters.


The shock body itself utilises a large diameter (46mm) piston assembly for primary damping control, together with a second PDS piston/damping circuit to offer more accurate control and cushioning during the final portion of the suspension stroke. 


The internal components are all precision CNC machined from Cro-Mo and Stainless Steel, with the shock featuring a 16mm diameter shaft to improve overall strength & rigidity and ensure consistently smooth operation and durability.


Our T7 ADVENTURE Shock features


•  200mm travel - retains the original seat-height and ground clearance.

•  Large diameter (46mm) shock body and piston with PDS valving.

•  16mm diameter shock shaft.

•  Oil reservoir for increased oil capacity and cooling, featuring individual High & Low speed compression damping adjusters (easily accessed using a slotted screwdriver).

•  Dedicated Rebound damping adjuster easily accessed at the base of the shock.

• Hydraulic Preload Adjuster offers +/-10mm further adjustment for easy setting your initial sag and to quickly compensate for any additional loads.


The ADVENTURE shock comes ready assembled with the HPA and your choice of spring, and includes a longer CNC machined bolt for the bottom shock mounting (as the TracTive shock is wider/stronger in this area).


All Rally Raid Products / TracTive rear shocks are fully serviceable/rebuildable and come with a 2-year Manufacturer warranty. 


A choice of three different spring rates are available (select from the menu above) to more closely match your weight and riding style requirements:

Spring rate guidelines


We suggest you weigh yourself wearing your typical riding apparel (including boots and helmet), and apply that to the following spring rate chart - depending on whether you plan to ride mainly solo, or with an amount of luggage and/or a passenger.


Note that our built-in Hydraulic Preload Adjuster has enough range to typically compensate for an additional 60Kg of load if required.


Suggested Spring Rate (based on rider weight)


80 N/mm - typical Rider weight of 80kg (suppled as standard)

85 N/mm - Rider weight of 80-100Kg (including light luggage up to 15kg)

90 N/mm - Rider weight 100Kg-plus (including passenger & light luggage up to 15kg, or for the solo overland rider with a more heavy luggage load).

Convert lbs to Kg here

Note. Our ADVENTURE shock features the same 200mm travel as the OEM shock, specifically so that the ground clearance and seat-height remain the same as standard.


To fully appreciate the benefits our uprated ADVENTURE suspension provides when compared the standard OEM specification, we do suggest you combine this shock with our ADVENTURE [open cartridge] Fork Kit, and also consider our high performance EXTREME closed-cartridge fork kit which has been tuned for more aggressive off-road performance. However, the ADVENTURE shock also pairs perfectly well with standard (or any partial upgrade) fork components, and significantly improves the overall stance of the bike which has a very softly sprung rear end as standard.