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LEVEL 1 Rear Shock (210mm travel) - suitable for CRF250 Rally, and CRF250L* 


*(250L owners please see note in IMPORTANT INFORMATION section)


For 250 RALLY model riders who are comfortable with the seat/ride height when they are sat on the soft OEM suspension, or equally for riders who may have a short inseam to begin with, our LEVEL 1 Shock offers exactly the same adjustability and high performance characteristics as our 250mm travel LEVEL 2 big-bore 46mm body shock, but in a reduced travel length of 210mm (8 inches) - for those riders who would prefer to retain a lower seat-height compared to our LEVEL 2 option.

Once the bike is sprung for your weight with the correct sag characteristics, the shorter travel LEVEL 1 shock on the CRF250 RALLY models means that once you're seated onboard the seat height remains similar to that which you had with softer OEM suspension, but with more supportive springing and far better damping for the remainder of the travel - together with making the bike far easier to mount and dismount than previously since the static seat height is now 40mm lower than before.


Additionally, when the LEVEL 1 shock is fitted together with our LEVEL 1 fork kit to the 250 RALLY, this significantly lowers the static height of the bike, whilst maintaining the high-quality spring and damping characteristics of our full-travel LEVEL 2 (250mm) suspension, but for those who would prefer a lower seat-height overall.


note. In conjunction with the LEVEL 1 shock, it is also possible to lower both the CRF250L & RALLY models by -40mm using a Kouba Link for the specific model.


LEVEL 1 Shock specifications


Developed in conjunction with our engineering partners TracTive Suspension in the Netherlands, our unique big-body shock features a huge 46mm diameter body and piston (similar to those used for our KTM 690 and Yamaha Tenere 700 rear suspension) which offers a dramatic increase in oil flow for far more precise damping control under a wide range of conditions, and more oil capacity to help reduce damping fade. 


Together with offering a wide range of spring rates, the nitrogen-charged shock body features a separation piston to eliminate foaming and provides consistent damping characteristics. This is key during prolonged off-road riding or more spirited highway riding, and whether you are solo or laden with luggage. 




High quality all-aluminium 46mm diameter body/piston shock.


16mm damper shaft provides exceptional strength and smooth travel.

Manual preload adjustment (with tool, supplied).

Easily accessible combined damping adjuster (24 clicks), which incorporates proportional valving between Rebound (80%) and Compression (20%) damping.

Choice of six different spring rates available (at the point of purchase - see drop down menu) to more closely match your weight and riding style requirements (see SPRING RATES section).


Additional information


LEVEL 1 dimensions : 398mm eye to eye / shock stroke is 84mm

Saves 0.25kg (1/2lb) in weight compared to OEM steel shock. 

Our CRF250 shock kits also includes a dedicated TracTive preload and damping adjustment multi-tool, and replacement lower mounting bolt (longer). 

All Rally Raid Products / TracTive rear shocks are fully serviceable/rebuildable and come with a 2-year Manufacturer warranty. 


A choice of six different spring rates available (at the point of purchase - see drop down menu) to more closely match your weight and riding style requirements:

Suggested rider/spring rates for LEVEL 1 shock - depending on your rider & luggage weight (weigh yourself with all your riding gear on):


Up to 70Kg80N/mm (L1 extra soft spring)
70-80Kg85N/mm (L1 comfort/easy trail)
80-90Kg90N/mm (L1 supplied as standard)
90-100Kg95N/mm (L1 heavier rider, more luggage)
100-115Kg 100N/mm (L1 heavy-duty spring for large loads)
115Kg upwards110N/mm (L1 extra heavy-duty spring for larger loads)


Convert lbs to KG here

If you do plan to fit our LEVEL 1 suspension both front and rear, we strongly recommend you also fit our -20mm shorter side stand (link below), otherwise the bike can stand a little too upright when parked, particularly on uneven ground or when loaded with luggage - with the potential of falling over on the opposite side.


It is not possible to fit a Hydraulic Pre-Load Adjuster to this shock. 


SPECIAL NOTE for CRF250L owners: if our LEVEL 1 shock is fitted to the shorter-travel CRF250L model, the wheel travel will be 240mm (the same as standard for that model), so the seat hight essentially remains the same as before. Therefore, if you wish to lower the rear of the CRF250L model, you will also need fit the 250L Kouba Link (available separately) - and in combination with our LEVEL 1 fork kit, this will reduce the overall seat height and ground clearance by approximately -40mm from standard.

CRF250 Shock Fitting Instructions (downloadable PDF)